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Center of Nuclear Physics Data (CNPD)

The works on compilation of experimental data obtained in the reactions of charged particle interaction with light nuclei has been carried out in the Institute of Nuclear and Radiation Physics, RFNC-VNIIEF since 1973. In 1997 by the order of the Atomic Energy Minister the Center of Nuclear Physics Data (CNPD) was established in the department of nuclear-physical methods of research and diagnostics. At present CNPD actively deals with collecting and processing the data on charged particle interaction with nuclei details...





Library of evaluated and experimental data on reactions of charge particle interaction with light nuclei

The library includes experimental data on reactions of neutron, charged particle and gamma-quanta interaction with nuclei. Different data types are presented: cross sections, excitation functions, yields, angle and energy distribution etc. Factographic data are given along with text information, containing bibliographic and descriptive data.

CRDF Project


Compilation and evaluation of alpha induced nuclear reaction cross sections for astrophysics

The library includes evaluated data on reactions of neutron, charged particle and gamma-quantum interaction with nuclei. The following data types are presented: neutron cross sections, yields of the reaction products, neutron thermal scattering, photo-atomic interactions, data on radionuclide production, decay data, data on charged particles and photonuclear data.



Program code  for graphic data digitizing

The library includes evaluated data on nuclear structure which contain information on level properties: level energies, decay types, decay intensities, gamma-quantum energies and also the half-life values and other nuclei properties in the ground and metastable states.



Software for input, processing and recording of factographic data in the EXFOR format

The library includes bibliographical references to nuclear reaction data for low and medium energies and covers periodical editions since 1910.




details ...

Contains bibliographical references to experimental nuclear reaction data and calculations, reviews, compilations and evaluations of neutron reactions and spontaneous fission data.
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