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Khariton Topical Scientific Readings

The Readings, held annually, starting from 1999, are the tribute to the memory of an outstanding scientist Yuly Borisovitch Khariton, who used to be the unchallenged leader of RFNC-VNIIEF, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, thrice the Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and Stalin State Awards, the honorary freeman of Sarov city.
The first topical Readings, arranged in 1999, addressed the field Supercomputing and mathematical simulations.

The promoters of the Conference:

  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
  • State Corporation for Atomic Energy of Russian Federation "ROSATOM".
International conference - XVII Khariton's topical scientific readings «Extreme states of substance. Detonation. Shock waves» will take place on March 23 – 27, 2015.

Topics of the Conference continue topics of the III, V, VII, IX, XI, XIII, XV Khariton's Readings named «Extreme states of substance. Detonation. Shock waves». (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013).
The Conference subject was among the favorite scientific interests of Yuly B.Khariton. It is still one of the foundation stones of the VNIIEF scientific school.

Conference Topics
•    Energetic materials and physics of detonation
•    Equations of state and phase transitions
•    Dynamic strength of materials
•    High-velocity launching and impacts. Cumulation phenomena
•    Hydrodynamic instabilities
•    Test techniques
•    Explosive technologies

Conference Chairman
R.I. Ilkayev, Academician of RAS, Scientific director of FSUE «RFNC-VNIIEF»

Conference Vice-Chairman

A.L.Mikhaylov, D.Sc, Director of Institute of Experimental Gasdynamics and Physics of Explosion, FSUE «RFNC-VNIIEF»

Program Committee
A.L.MIKHAYLOV – Chairman, V.A.Raevsky, V.M.Bel’sky, O.V.Svirsky, A.M.Podurets, M.V.Zhernokletov, V.A.Ogorodnikov,
O.B.Drennov, I.R.Trunin, N.N.Nevmerzhitsky, A.S.Gladsinov, I.V.Zanegin, S.A.Vakhmistrov, Yu.V.Sheikov

Conference Executive Secretary
Oleg V. Myasoedov

For further information, contact, please:
607190, Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region
37 Mira Ave., RFNC-VNIIEF
Telephone: (83130) 2-21-35
Fax: 7 (83130) 2-03-20
E-mail: o.v.myasoedov@ifv.vniief.ru, n.p.rumyantseva@ifv.vniief.ru
Subject:  The XVII Khariton’s Readings

October 31, 2014 - for submitting Registration Forms
December 01, 2014 - for submitting abstracts

Abstract Guidelines
The official languages are Russian and English
Volume: limited to a single page
Font: Times New Roman
Size: 10 pt
Spacing: single line
Format: A4, MS Word document
Alignment: according to page width
Abstract should include: paper title, name of author(s), and total address of affiliation.

Send, please, your Registration Forms and abstracts in English to the following
E-mail address: o.v.myasoedov@ifv.vniief.ru, n.p.rumyantseva@ifv.vniief.ru

Conference Fee, Lodging, etc.    

Conference fee is U.S. $ 1300. It covers accommodation, meals, rent of rooms, banquet, Conference Proceedings, transport services for Conference, and social events.

Participants and guests of the Conference will have opportunity to visit House-Museum of Yuly B.Khariton, VNIIEF Museum of Nuclear Weapon.
The city of Sarov, where RFNC–VNIIEF is located, is also famous for its historical background associated with the name of one of the most popular Russian Saint Serafim Sarovsky. The Conference participants will have opportunity to visit places, where Serafim Sarovsky lived. Besides, Organizing Committee prepared tours to Serafimo-Diveevsky Convent and Sanaksarsky Monastery where the Admiral Ushakov’s grave is located.
The VNIIEF House of Scientists will also welcome the Conference participants with interesting program of social events.





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