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About the Center

The works on compilation of experimental data obtained in the reactions of charged particle interaction with light nuclei has been carried out in the Institute of Nuclear and Radiation Physics, RFNC-VNIIEF since 1973. These reactions became of world interest at the end of 80s in the period of test ban and development of ITER program. At that moment the library of experimental data on charged particles developed by institute specialists was introduced into the Exfor library. It was a great contribution to the international base of nuclear data.
In 1997 by the order of the Atomic Energy Minister the Center of Nuclear Physics Data (CNPD) was established in the department of nuclear-physical methods of research and diagnostics.
 At present CNPD actively deals with collecting and processing the data on charged particle interaction with nuclei, playing a significant part in design and analysis of working results of thermonuclear facilities.
 Within the center activity specialized data bases for particular applications are developed: data base of gamma production cross sections on structural and fissile materials, data base on interaction of charged particles with light nuclei, etc. In 2002 evaluated data from the library on interaction of charged particles with light nuclei SaBa got the “recommended” statue.
 The Center actively participates in the international cooperation on data exchange.
The main tasks of the Center are:

  • provision with nuclear constants of the scientific and technical developments of the institute;
  • compilation of experimental data into the international data base Exfor;
  • development of  specialized data bases;
  • data evaluation;
  • development of software for data processing;
  • participation in the coordination activity of national data centers.


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