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Program for digitization of graphic information

 For primary processing of graphic information a program of digitizing graphical data INPGRAPH was developed in CNPD. It is a part of software for converting the factographic data into the EXFOR format 
Primary graphic data are entered as files of bitmap format obtained by scanning the initial documents. The program permits to convert these data into a text file with a special extension containing a variety of coordinate pairs and special commands. When digitizing the graphic a file of reference coefficients and additional information for conversion of graphic coordinates from the scanner coordinate grid into the physical coordinate system is formed.

For the sake of convenience and for more accurate digitizing process a possibility of magnification (“Zoom”) of the whole image to the necessary scale is provided.
Program Grapf_Diagn is used for calculation of numeric data of the physics process in the experiment coordinate system. Program SORT is used for data sorting and recording of additional information into the EXFOR format.

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