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Software for input, processing and recording of factographic data in the EXFOR format - EXFOR-EDITOR

At present in CNPD is being designed software to input and process the data on nuclear reactions obtained as the result of literature source compilation Exfor-Editor. The program meets the main requirements imposed to processing of factographic data and record in the international format of exchange with experimental results EXFOR, takes into account the specific character of presenting source data which can be specified in the form of tables or graphs.
This software provided the following facilities for data compilation in EXFOR format:
    • creation of a new file in the EXFOR format with the help of a pattern and wizard
    • digitization of graphic data
    • editing of the EXFOR file with special editor
    • sorting of numerical data
    • presentation of entered numerical data in the graph format
    • check of the edited file for its correspondence to EXFOR format

As additional service the following facilities are supposed to be introduced into the program:
 -calculation of auxiliary physical values
 - work with the EXFOR dictionaries directly from the program
 - work with HELP system, including a software manual and the rules of data entry in EXFOR format

Exfor-Editor Manual (English) download

Distributive download  (part1, part2, zip)

Development engineers will be glad to consider any remarks, proposals and critical comments to the functions and capabilities of this program.

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