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With its high scientific and technological capabilities, RFNC - VNIIEF has been able to expand its research and development programs and successfully explore new high-technology areas, obtain world-class scientific results and carry out unique fundamental and applied studies.

RFNC - VNIIEF is closely cooperating with the key Russian scientific and commercial organizations, research institutions, design bureaus and industrial associations.

Since 1990, the Institute has been extensively involved in international cooperation. The international cooperation covers a wide range of topics from fundamental physics to social projects.

The highlights of creative interactions developing between the Institute and the international scientific community were joint Russian - US projects along research on the physics of superhigh-power explosive magnetic generators, high energy density, controlled fusion and magnetized plasma.

The contacts of the Institute with the leading foreign scientific centers and companies (in USA, France, Germany, UK, China, Japan and others) keep on growing. Its activities within international cooperation programs demonstrated the capabilities of RFNC - VNIIEF as one of the world's foremost scientific centers.

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